About us

Our traditional recipes have remained unchanged since the beginning of the last century and new exciting flavours have been added.

That you drink a soft drink over and over again is because you like it, you recognize the taste. Therefore, a taste must not change, not in the first place anyway. This is where the tradition comes into play. For our part, the tradition of never compromising when it comes to the quality of raw materials and the origin of a taste. Therefore, many of our recipes are well-kept secrets, only for given to a few to know.

What has changed is the demands and desires of the market. And we've changed with them. We still have several unique products, but are constantly developing new flavors, internally and together with our customers. We and our customers want to reach new audiences, get more people to get their eyes on meal drink, for example.

AB Roberts in Örebro was founded as an independent family business. And it still is today. 12 people work to create, manufacture and sell the tastiest and the right tastes for a market where competition is extremely tough. A new taste rarely gets more than a chance.